School Garden Fact Sheet

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Getting Started

Tending Your Garden

Grant Opportunities



Classroom Cookbook


Organizations Supporting School Gardens

Research & Publications

Tips From Teachers

Additional Resources

These organizations are based in Georgia and other southeastern states. Be aware that gardening conditions can vary significantly, even within a region. Therefore, information from other locations may be less applicable than sources geographically closer to your own garden.

Georgia Organics – Edible School Gardens

How to Grow Radishes in a School Garden

How to Grow Lettuces in a School Garden

How to Grow Carrots in a School Garden

How to Grow Beans & Peas in a School Garden

Creating a School Garden

If you’re just getting started putting in a school garden, these resources can help you plan, build, and budget for long term success.

Planting & Harvesting

Seed packets will  tell you how deep to plant each type of seed, and how much room to leave in between seeds.

Sustaining a School Garden

Once you’ve got your garden started, you want to keep it going!

Connections to the Classroom

Using Garden Produce

Once students have grown delicious food, they should eat the literal fruits of their labors!

Teaching Outdoors